Maderotherapy – Continuing Education

Credits: MTAS  4.5 , NHPC 10 Credits , CRMTA 10 primary credits , CMMOTA 11 credits 


100% Natural treatment using wooden rolling pins, 

Maderotherapy balances body and energy, releases stress, and brings muscle relief and jointpain.Effective technique for breaking and reshaping cellulite which is the product of unhealthy fascia.Maderotherapy is a massage technique very popular in Europe. This technique uses approximately few anatomically made wooden tools which makes Maderotherapy 100%natural. Maderotherapy balances body energy,releasesstress,brings,musclerelief and jointpain. Withwooden massage rolling pins it is possible to treat fascial restrictions, muscle soreness and stiffness by warming up the muscles and softening tissue. This massage technique increases circulation, breaks up and prevents formation of
myofascial adhesions. Additionally, rolling of affected body parts with natural
wooden rollers stretches and improves rehydration of fascia and other connective
tissues. With the increased blood flow to the muscles, it will improve the breaking
down of adipose (fat) tissue cells and the results of it will be increased skin
elasticity and decreased muscle tone. All of this will increase mobility, range of
motion and flexibility. 
It was shown that Maderotherapy is an effective technique for body shaping and
contouring, so important effect of this treatment is breaking and reshaping
cellulite which is a product of unhealthy fascia.
We are health practitioners and we should not forget one of the biggest problems
females face – CELLULITE. 85-98% of overall population (mostly females) are
suffering from orange-peel like skin or more precise, the subcutaneous layer.
The best treatment for cellulite is Maderotherapy which can target all three types
of cellulite, especially if it is combined with lymphatic drainage. (Overview of
Lymphatic System is going to be covered during the course)
If Maderotherapy is applied superficially in a fast pace, it becomes the perfect
treatment for cellulite. But same tools could be used in a slower manner over
contractures and short muscles to treat hypertonicity, to increase elasticity of
muscles and fascia and to increase mobility of joints crossed by treated muscles.
Maderotherapy of any body part is finished by Manual Lymphatic Drainage to
flush out toxins and improve blood and lymph flow. This is why Maderotherapy is
recommended for detoxification of the body for clients going through withdrawal
from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.