Maderotherapy – Treatment for unhealthy fascia

Credits :MTAA 17 primary credits,  MTAS  4.5 , NHPC 10 credits , CRMTA 10 primary credits , CMMOTA 11 credits 


100% Natural treatment using wooden rolling pins, 

Maderotherapy is a massage technique very popular in Europe. Word “madera” means wood and this technique was developed in Columbia for body treatment of different conditions but today is used for ROM restrictions, fascial restriction, hypertonicity and lymphatic drainage.  
              Maderotherapy is specific treatment using different wooden massage rolling pins to treat fascial restrictions, muscle soreness and stiffness by warming up muscles and softening tissue. This massage technique increases circulation, breaks and prevents formation of myofascial adhesions. Rolling of affected body parts with natural wooden roller stretches and improves rehydration of fascia and other connective tissue. Increased blood and lymphatic flow to the muscles promotes breakdown of fascial restrictions which leads to increased skin/fascia elasticity, decrease of muscle tone. All this increases physical activity and flexibility of the overall body.  
              Fascia has 6-10 times more sensory nerves than muscles and this is one of the reasons that as massage therapists we have to be focused on fascial treatment more. Knowing that overall fascia is highly connected we have to understand that restricted fascia in your low back or hips can literally cause your neck pain.
              Maderotherapy of any body part is finished by Manual Lymphatic Drainage and compression of the lymph nodes to flush out toxins and improve blood and lymph flow. This is why Maderotherapy is recommended for detoxification of the body for clients going through withdrawal from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs or clients with retention of fluids.