Jade Stone Massage

Jade Stone 30 hours Calgary

Credits: NHPC 15 CCP credits 
Where: Calgary


Jade Stone 14 hours Calgary

Credits: MTAA  15 , CRMTA 14 , MTAS 14
Where: Calgary


Jade Stone massage is an amazing treatment that your clients will really enjoy. It’s relaxing, warm and could also be a deep therapeutic treatment.

Jade stones are known to make your skin look younger by increasing blood circulation in your skin and deeper layers.

Different shaped Jade stones are used for massaging different parts of the body. They could be used as hot, cold stones or a combination of hot and cold.

If Jade stones are used when warmed up it is the perfect thermotherapy. This application will produce an increase in metabolism and relaxation of hypertonic muscles, decrease in pain due to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, delayed onset of muscle soreness, back pain, sciatica or other compression syndromes, pain due to spasticity related to Multiple Sclerosis or ischemic muscle spasms, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Hyperemia in superficial skin will initiate red and white blood cells activity which is going to balance the immune system. This is helpful for clients with frequent colds and flu.

Warm Jade stones could be combined with cold Jade stones as contrast treatment, vasodilation is going to be combined with vasoconstriction. This is the perfect pumping effect and detoxification of the body especially for clients going through withdrawal from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

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